Terms And Conditions

  1. 1. There is no fixed enrolment date. A customer can become a member on any day he/she desires.
  2. 2. Customer KYC is must to avail the scheme membership.
  3. 3. The monthly instalments is Rs. 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000 & 20000.
  4. 4. Member will opt for a 12 months scheme (12 months + 1 month bonus paid by us ).
  5. 5. Monthly instalment should be paid on or before the 15th of every month.
  6. 6. The instalment cannot be carried over or paid in advance. Monthly payments should be regular & prompt. If any month get delayed, your maturity of benefit will be extended to next month.
  7. 7. Advancement of the maturity is not permitted.
  8. 8. Payment can be made by Cash / DD/ Credit Card. All relevant bank charges for dishonour of cheques shall be borne by the members.
  9. 9. Receipts will be issued for every deposit which will reflect on the app.
  10. 10. Any discrepancies in the card entries or the receipts should be bought to management’s notice within 7 days of entry.
  11. 11. The Gold rate as announced by the Jewellers Association for selling of 916 (22ct) gold will be applied for calculating the rate of gold at the time of purchase.
  12. 12. The monthly investment schemes are valid only for Jewellery purchase (gold & Silver) and not for any cash, refund, coins, ingots or bullion.
  13. 13. This scheme is unique and will not be linked to any other offers, existing or further schemes.
  14. 14. Taxes will be added to the final bill.
  15. 15. In case of any dispute during redemption, management’s decision will be final.